Love it a lot

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First of all the cover art is AMAZING. I definitely got “outsiders” vibes but i still loved it. The time period is everything. The bad girl and the good girl in the 1960s? I almost lost my mind. Feminism is definitely relevant in this storyline. Definitely has some unique qualities to it kind of predictable but I can handle that. It was quite a slow burn but i do love my slow burns so I’m not complaining. It has very important themes such as sexual assault and sexism. I love how evie is kind of like tomboy bold and loud doing whatever she wants, I adore her. I love that this story was back in the 60s sos everything was much more interesting. The diversity among the characters was incredible. Love the whole independent girlpower thing going on. The book the message sends as a whole is extremely powerful and inspiring especially young women.4/5 recommend