The Cover Is Perfect!

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Ok, so, the first thing that grabbed my attention, I'm sure as most can relate, was the cover of the book. It is so sassy and immediately makes you want to pick it up and read what it is about. Obviously that is just what I did and then I went on to read the preview and it was just as great as the cover is. I looked through the other reviews and they are alot of the same, agreeing that it is a great read and that the cover is amazing. Such a phenomenal book- including the cover, the words, the way it makes you want to continue reading, as every book should. I am going to put this book on my "to be read" list on Goodreads so that I can finish the greatness of it. I am almost certain that I will enjoy the rest of the book just as much as I enjoyed the preview of it. Such a fantastic Author. I applaud the dedicated work that went into writing this book and detailing it in such a way as you did.