Outsiders with a twist

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I read The Outsiders in highschool like most people, but again when I was a little older. Bad Girls Never Say Die, is a retake version of it, and I have to say that I really did enjoy it.
Parts of it were a little whiny and repetitive, but when you think of a highschool girl I guess that's pretty accurate.

Evie is from the wrong side of town, having fallen in with Connie and her group of "Bad Girls". Evie has been searching from something other than what her mother believes her life should be. When she runs into trouble on her own, she wasn't expecting a "tea-sipper" to have come to her rescue.
As she navigates the new relationship with someone she's considered an enemy, she must convince the other girl's that maybe they're not all that different.

The correlation with The Outsiders is definitely there but this book gives a whole new unique perspective.