Outsiders Retelling

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Overall I give this book a 3.5 rounded up for star selections. I feel like if it hadn’t advertised being a gender swapped Outsiders I might have liked it more, but you set yourself up when you remake a classic. I liked the characters and the general story, but I felt there was something missing that left me disinterested in the story. I do like the look at what makes a “bad girl” versus a “good girl” in the 1960’s. There are some great seeds about feminism in here, but I thought it lacked the punch of Moxie. Evie and her friends live on the poor side of town and they wear lots of make, cut school, and smoke. They are bad girls and Evie’s grandma worries about her soul. One night a new girl in the neighborhood, Diane, has a life changing run in with Evie at the drive in. But Diane isn’t from their side of town and Evie’s friends are less sure she belongs with them.