Outsiders Reimagined

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This book is a gripping retailing/reimagining of The Outsiders - it's a book that turns a timeless classic into a new-age classic. From start to finish, the author makes you question who are the "bad girls" and who provide contrast as the "good" ones. Is Evie a bad girl? Or is she just caught up in a world that she cannot escape?

It has been years (and years!) since I first read The Outsiders - perhaps even those middle school years where you're still getting your feet under you. This book would have been the perfect companion read for that time in my life. But, even today, it would be the perfect companion read for an adult who wants to revisit a classic. I loved the authors take on retelling the story with female leads. It is a read for our time. I am excited to see what other stories this author can bring to life in the future - retellings or not!