Not What I Expected

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I was super excited to read a remaking of the classic The Outsiders, but female-centered. Unfortunately, Bad Girls Never Say Die disappointed. For me, the overall plot sounded interesting, but its execution just didn't work. The conversations seemed repetitive and the characters stereotypical and lacking in depth. The story seemed predictable for the time period, and therefore didn't come off as an original remake of a hugely popular and successful classic.

This book was hard for me to finish as I felt it was geared toward the younger spectrum of the YA audience. I found it difficult to relate to the characters and had to force myself to finish. That said, there were some important themes included such as treatment of women in the 60s, social status and sexual assault.

So, while I appreciated the effort at a female-centered remake, it feel flat for me. Thanks Bookish First for a comp copy.