Not what I anticipated, I really enjoyed this!

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Evie is a "bad girl". She's apart of a group of teenage girls who don't conform to the rules. One's who are too loud, or too bold. There are 4 girls in this group. Lead by Connie, the oldest. Juanita, and Sunny are the other 2 members besides Evie who is the youngest, a sophomore. Evie has thoughts that maybe she doesn't quite fit in with this group. She fears that Juanita may only view her as a younger cousin type and bring her along out of obligation. She's afraid that she isn't tough enough to be apart of the crowd. Despite acting the way she does, Evie still looks out for and cares about the kids she babysits. She has a good heart. Evie observes as a group of girls from the neighboring school, River Oak send snarky comments to the new girl of Eastside. Finally deciding that enough is enough, Evie approaches the River Oaks girls, sending them running at the threat that she'll get her group. Diane, the new girl seems very grateful for the way Evie intervened, the two part ways and Evie heads back to her group. After conversing with her friends once again, Evie decides to go home, but can't shake the feeling that something isn't right.