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This book!!! What do I say about it?! Okay… first things first. Bad Girls Never Say Die is a Young Adult, historical fiction, coming of age story. Evie is a 15 year old high schooler, growing up on the wrong side of town in the 1960s. Her best friends are "bad girls" that her mother and grandmother do not approve of. They hang out, skip school, smoke and do all things rebellious, especially for the times. One night, while hanging out at the drive in theater, Evie sees a classmate being ridiculed by other girls. She defends her, despite not knowing her name and knowing that the other girls is a "good girl" from the rich part of town. Later, when Evie is attacked by a boy later that same evening, Diane comes to Evie's rescue. This incident bonds them together, and Evie brings Diane into her circle of friends. This is a coming of age story, brilliantly told to the backdrop of 1960s Houston.

I can not say this enough…. READ THIS BOOK!!! I dabble in Young Adult books, but am in NO WAY an avid reader of them. I find they're usually too dystopian, too paranormal, too… unbelievable. This book was the opposite of all of this. It was brilliantly written, and even as an adult I could see myself in some of the characters and/or knew girls JUST like that in my high school. It held my attention, and I devoured this book in about two days! 

Usually, I have SOME negative thing, or something I didn't love. I really did love this book and can't actually think of a true negative thing to say about it. It was entertaining, relatable, and you were rooting for the characters, both to do the right thing and to have the story go the way that they wanted it to. It was just a great book, that I would highly recommend to anyone, young adults or grown ups.