Live Fast, Die Young - Bad Girls do it Well

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4 out of 5 stars***

"Live fast, die young - bad girls do it well" - MIA

I claimed a copy of this novel via BookishFirst :)

The cover: The cover immediately drew my attention in right off the bat - I liked the use of color and contrast here, as well as how the girl on the cover is wearing those lovely cat eye sunglasses of the 60s. I had to learn more about this book!

*mild* spoilers:

The book itself: Houston TX, 1960s - I was already intrigued. It gave me vibes of "The Outsiders" right away. We have our main character - Evie - who keeps worrying her mother by hanging out late at night, possibly with the wrong crowd. Evie ends up getting into a dangerous situation which leads her to an encounter of a kind stranger. From there, she discovers a newfound friendship and brings her new friend into her circle of friends. Even though the two barely know each other, they quickly learn much more about each other than they had bargained for.

While reading, I felt the power of friendship, the kindness of a stranger, and the ties that bind us as human beings.

I don't want to give away the entire plot or ending, as those are too good to ruin - you'll have to read for yourself.