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This book reminded me very much of the young adult classic the Outsiders and maybe a mix of the movie Grease. I am always open to a gender swap of any good classic novel. But the pacing in the beginning was a bit fast pasted for my liking. I also thought it was interesting that it was taken place during the 1960s as it felt almost like it paid tribute to the original novel. It defiantly has a Promising Young Woman since it emphasizes on themes of "womanhood" and "feminism". But, I found the prologue of it too heavy on the metaphor and the MC being a "bad girl". I think the book had the potential to really hone in on female friendships. This would be a refreshing thing since it is often male friendships that get full developed (in my opinion). I do know that that this book has some dark/ heavy themes and hope that the author writes them with respect and is not too graphic.