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This book is a gender bent version of the outsiders, I believe. That's the whole reason I was looking into reading this book.

.........not a spoiler review.........

My aunt loved the outsiders, it was her favorite. That was the only reason I knew what the outsiders was. This book is different to me. I felt like it was a completely different story, not a remake or a retelling. My aunt, however, I think would have hated it because it's not like the original at all. But that's what makes it different, right?

After discovering this book, I realized that it was by the same author who wrote Moxie. Now, I have never read that book, it's on my TBR, but I have seen the movie of the same name and I absolutely loved that. So I wasn't Disappointed at all when I found myself wrapped into the world that is this book! The cover is eye catching and fun and I can't wait to see a movie based off this.