Interesting Concept!

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So this is an interesting concept - a retelling of the classic The Outsiders, with a gender swap. It is well written and held my attention. Even though it was a retelling, I still was not sure what would be happening next, so I liked that.

I also thought the characters were really well developed. There was a dinstinct difference between the "tea sippers" and the poorer kids. I like how Evie was willing to look past their differences and befriend the "tea sipping" girl who saved her from the jerk who was about to rape her.

There was a lot of heart in this book. I really felt the emotions of the characters coming through, and I also really liked the vintage 50/60's setting. I love anything set in that time period. Anyone who loves historical thrilling fiction will enjoy this one. I also think fans of The Outsiders will like it as well. I have a few of the author's other books on my TBR, so I'm curious to read them now as well.