I Really Wanted to Like this Book

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I really wanted this book to be better than it was, but ultimately the story as a whole was pretty disappointing. The last 30 pages were probably the most interesting, and the most well written.
But otherwise the book and main character just fell flat. For Evie, it honestly felt like she was a side character for this entire story. I think a multi perspective could’ve helped this book a lot. To really show what each of these girls from the “wrong side of the tracks” was going through.
(Also the random lines about segregation felt incredibly out of place? Either further develop on that, or maybe don’t include it? As it was random and did not further or add to the story in anyway.) Maybe focus on Juanita struggles since she is (as far as I could tell) the only POC there.
The mentor teacher and the “Bad Girls Never Say Die” lines were also underdeveloped and half baked. If you want (particularly the line) to really hit hard with your reader, it needs to be more important and weaved throughout the story.
The weird and blatant foreshadowing was odd and not very well written or subtle at all.
Overall this book moved way too slow for me, and took me way to long to get through.
The writing was okay, and I understand what the author was trying to do. But overall I wanted this book to hit a lot harder than it did.
Side Note- don’t market this book as an adventurous feminist read, if it’s not going to be adventurous. You are setting the reader up for disappointment.