I loved it

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I really enjoyed this book.
I think the comparison to The Outsiders is fair.

It’s 1964, Evie is only 15 and she’s one of the “bad girls”. They cut class sometimes, they smoke, they drink, the wear their makeup a certain way. But they are so loyal to each other, to the little family they’ve built with each other.

One night at the drive in, Evie goes off to use the bathroom by herself and one of the rich boys attempts to rape her. Maybe it’s a spoiler to say that but I don’t think it hurts to know that.
Diane saves her. Evie only let Diane for the first time earlier that night when she defended Diana against some girls who were talking rudely about her.

Diane is a good girl, a “tea sipper” as Evie’s friends call her. They don’t really know Diane. They just see how she’s dressed, how she talks and who her friends are.

But Diane protecting Evie changes everything.
Suddenly the “bad girls” are trying to protect the “tea sipper”.

There’s a lot to think about in this book. Evie gives a lot of thought to what makes a person bad or good. The reader is definitely supposed to think this too. About how society treated girls who did certain things. About how adults treated them. About the difference between being poor or rich, between having (genuinely) good or (genuinely) bad parents.

I loved it. I didn’t cry but I easily could have.