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This book is described as a gripping gender-flipped reimagining of The Outsiders. While I have never read The Outsiders, I do know it is a popular book and recommended to students by some middle and high school teachers. I feel this might catch on for the same age groups.

The book takes place in 1964 Houston, Texas. It is astonishing to me how many things have changed since then. From how teenage pregnancy is handled to segregation in schools, our lives are vastly different in many ways than those of the characters in the book. The author, Jennifer Mathieu, does an outstanding job of bringing the characters to life. She adds those little details through actions, thoughts and words that show what the people are made of. I thoroughly appreciated how the main characters were forced to face up to some of their long held beliefs and re-evaluate them.

While I am the parent of children older than the age group this is aimed for, I felt it was well written and would be a good choice for young adults.