I had higher hopes.

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I really had higher hopes for this book, I love The Outsiders and seeing as this was a retelling of that book with feminism woven through it, I was all for it.

The characters weren't very easily loveable. The book was really slow at the beginning and then it would go faster and then slower, it just had some major pacing issues for me. Some parts of the plot were very predictable and just had no climax really. The book was really okay just had the issues listed above. Oh, also Diane deserved better than she got but what happened to her in the end didn't bother me any.

I did see a lot of The Outsiders in this book and kind of thought that it was unoriginal. Don't get me wrong it was a nice little read it just wasn't amazing and it did not strike a cord buried very deeply in my soul.

Also, a thing that stuck out about this book was the cover. The girl with the vintage cat eye glasses, she just looks so cool.