Great reimagining of a classic novel!

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I really liked this one! The fact that Bad Girls Never Say Die was pitched as a reimagining of the classic novel, The Outsiders, piqued my interest as I loved The Outsiders and fell in love with the characters in that story. I also really liked the characters in Bad Girls Never Say Die also. The main character, Evie Barnes, was definitely a great protagonist of the novel, and I loved how the author wrote the female friendships of this story; it made me realize how deep the bonds of friendship go. I loved the female twist of this novel and how the author put her own original take on themes like friendship and tragedy. The setting was also nice since it takes place in Texas in the 1960s. The beginning of the novel was a bit slow, in my opinion, but the plot quickly picked up and I felt myself wanting to keep reading. Some parts of the novel come off as being too predictable, but overall this was a good story. I imagine it took a lot of courage to try and put an original spin on a novel that is considered a classic to many readers, and I think Jennifer Mathieu did a great job. I definitely recommend this novel to anyone looking to read a novel full of secrets and female bonds.