Gender-swapped Outsiders? I'm here for it!

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I enjoyed Moxie from the same author so I have high expectations for this novel.

At first, what I really found interesting is how fierce the voice of the main character as evident in the first look of the book. Give me all the angst and the badass attitude plus a whole lot of female empowerment and this will be sealed as an up-and-coming fiction to watch out for!

BGMNSD introduced the characters of Evie and her friends that will make you realize that fierceness is synonymous to knowing your potential as a girl, woman, human.

Moving forward, the worldbuilding of the 1960s Houston contributed hugely to the atmosphere of the story. The way Jennifer Mathieu created the place and introduced the good and the dark sides of it speaks about how brilliant of a storyteller the author is.

But lastly, it's the character dynamics that really got me hooked in finishing the book. Evie and Diane's journey as they try to build each other's trust while remaining on their own orbits is something that appeals to the human emotion.

Love the contrast between the difference of good and bad that paralleled all throughout.