Fun "take me back" read!

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The cover is the perfect fit with the female led attitude and bad girl vibes! Evie Barnes and her friends are the bad girls and who doesn't love a story that has bad girls in it to give it a kick! This gave me a little mix between Grease and The Outsiders meet in girl form so it gave it a dramatic twist! I liked the nostalgia of it all since I was a big fan of The Outsiders but some of it wasn't what I had imagined it would be and that can make it hard to live up to such classical work being reimagined. This was still a fun, witty, entertaining read and I enjoyed it for it's own identity and the strong female lead! I would say I give a 3.5 star rating review and want to thank Roaring Book Press for the copy to read and review with my honest opinions and the author Jennifer Mathieu for taking the courage to make a leap at reimagining a classic in a different light!