Female Outsiders

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I love the cover but feel it is too glamorous and does not match the main characters. I decided to read this book as I loved Moxie. It reminded me of the Outsiders and of Grease. Both which I love. It has secret romances and class distinctions and trouble with the law. There is good historical commentary and makes you glad some things have changed and gotten better. Still have a ways to get there. I did not like the ending. The prose was easy enough and I read this book rather quickly. I would probably just tell people to read the original outsiders.
ancing gopher.
In summary, Bad Girls Never Say Die was not the book for me and it wasn't what I hoped it would be. It was too much like a lot of other popular items of pop culture. I wanted to love this one so bad because who doesn't want to read about badass females taking over? I'm very proud of the author for taking that leap with a classic but it was a no for me.