Classic Movie Style Nostalgia

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It was no surprise that I was going to love this book, because Moxie was outstanding, and I really fell in love with the author's writing style. But, I could not have predicted just how much more I would love Bad Girls Never Say Die. It was marketed as a "gender-flipped reimagining of The Outsiders," and I would definitely have to agree, which is partly why I loved it so much.

The first thing that I loved about this one was the time period it took place in, and the fact that it also gave me Grease vibes. It was so refreshing to get a YA story that didn't revolve around social media and technology. It was a trip to the past with both historical accuracy and classic movie style nostalgia.

The second thing I loved was the variety, diversity, and personalities of the characters. The characters made the story and they all played a part. They were fleshed out and relatable and each held a level of depth and emotion.

The third, but definitely not the last, thing that I loved about the story (the most) was that it held messages of girl power, not judging a person by their appearance or situation, loyalty, friendship, sisterhood, and the importance of gender equality, family and motherly love. These messages were powerful and present throughout the entire story. I had a feeling that some of these lessons would be portrayed in the book from the synopsis, and, even though one might feel like they could be a little cliche and predictable, they all worked so well and really balanced everything out, resulting in a fantastic story with a surprising, and bittersweet ending.

Bad Girls Never Say Die was a refreshing, entertaining, one sitting kind of read that I would love to see turned in to a movie. I couldn't put it down, and when I finished it, I was left both utterly satisfied and wanting more of the world and characters. Even though it offered nostalgia for stories already told, it was unique and beautiful and held its own among others in the genre. It was a a 5+ star read and has become a new favorite for me!