Bad Girls Outsiders

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Thank you to BookishFirst, Jennifer Mathieu and Roaring Brook Press for a copy of Bad Girls Never Say Die.
I don't give away spoilers in my reviews.
I loved this book - probably because I could relate so easily to it. I was one of those bad girls when I was a teen-the girl other moms didn't want their daughter near. (which was funny because usually their daughters were badder than I was....)
The four main girls in the group - Evie, Connie, Sunny and Juanita are all young teen girls struggling to overcome rough households. The girls find trust and care in one another, promising never to let any of them deal with a situation on her own.
Evie finds herself in danger and is rescued by another individual - a very unlikely individual she thought would never help her. The result of the help puts both in danger.
This is a storyline about friendship - through struggles, through different backgrounds, through laughter, tears and fears.
I loved Evie as a character and especially loved the description of her home life - her bedroom missing her beloved sister, the description of her well-worn bedding, etc.
Diane was also one of my favorite characters - for many different reasons. I don't five away spoilers so I can't say why she's one of my favorites.
If you loved the Outsiders, if you were a "bad girl" - you'll love this book. And if you were a "good girl" - you'll love this book as well.