Author of Moxie!

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Thank you so much to Bookishfirst! I received my copy using my bookish first points and chose this book because of the Netflix film Moxie. I loved that movie and have yet to read the book but it is def on my TBR. This is the first book I have read from this author and I definitely plan to check out her other book, Moxie. The authors writing style leaves you wanting more and this was a really good book.

The time setting is in the 1960s and I agree with most of the other reviews that say it reminds you of the outsiders but instead of a bunch of bros there are chicas being badass. Anyone who liked the outsiders should check out this read because the author did base the story on the classic novel so that's why it is super similar. And if you love zines Jennifer Mathieu's book Moxie is perf for all the riot grrls out there and the movie is directed by Amy Poehler!