A Wonderful Book about Growing up and Friendship

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Bad Girls Never Say Die takes place in Houston, Texas in the 1960s. It is descriptively written, so it really takes the reader back to that era of sweater sets, drive-in movies, vinyl records and "bad"/poor vs "good"/rich kids in the neighborhood. Evie is a sweet 15 year old girl whose sister "had" to leave and get married right out of high school, so she is feeling lost without her best friend and confidant. She falls in with the "rough" crowd at school of girls who smoke, drink and date "rough" boys. At the drive-in movies, she is saved by a rich "tea-drinker" girl, who put her own safety at risk to help Evie. The aftermath of that night brings them closer together as her "rough" friends circle around her and this new girl, Diane, as they try to protect them from the consequences. Evie realizes that there are "good" people and "bad" people from both neighborhoods, and it isn't what you look like or where you came from that matters, but what is in your heart. The book was a predictable but still very enjoyable read, and would likely most be enjoyed best by high school age or young college age. I hope that this will be made into a Netflix movie (like the author's other book was, Moxie), as I'd LOVE to watch it!