A little slow, but enjoyable overall

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This young adult friendship drama takes place in the 50s, which is just fun in and of itself. A group of friends gets tangled up in legal trouble, but there is so much unseen. The "bad girls" of the school take in an outsider in order to protect one of their own. Little do they know that the outsider will change friendship as they know it. A story of friendship, advocacy, feminism, and standing up for what's right, Bad Girls Never Say Die draws the reader into the narrative. It gets a little slow in some places but offers a dramatic turn of events that throws the readers' expectations right out of the window. This would make an excellent novel for teen girls (and guys!) with lessons on true friendship, character, and how doing the 'right thing' might not necessarily look like the 'right thing' at first glance. I would recommend this novel for young girls and mothers of young girls.