A Girlish Twist on The Outsiders

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This book was written as a girls version of The Outsiders. I remember loving The Outsiders as a teen and I felt myself feeling the same way about this book. I think it has some great messages for young adults and us old adults too!!

Evie and her friends are the “bad girls”- smoking, drinking, cutting class and making fun of the “tea sippers” from the rich side of town. But when Diane, one of these “tea-sippers” , does the unthinkable to save Evie they foster a bond that can’t be broken and start to realize they aren’t all that different despite their appearances.

I’m not usually one for YA fiction. Anytime I have read YA the writing felt subpar, but I’m happy to say this book changed my opinion. Maybe I need to read more YA, after all I like fiction and I would surely like to be young! Read The Outsiders first ,then pick this one up. Highly recommend