Female Version of "The Outsiders"

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The summary of Jennifer Mathieu's new novel, "Bad Girls Never Say Die" had me intrigued, especially since it was compared to S.E. Hinton's, "The Outsiders". "The Outsiders" is one of my favorite novels. The novel has also been part of our sixth grade language arts curriculum, which I have enjoyed teaching over the years. So, I was looking forward to reading a preview of this novel, and offering my honest opinion. Ms. Mathieu does an amazing job describing the characters, setting and plot. Evie, the main character, has fit into the "bad girl" group. However, with her encounter with one of the "good girls", she finds herself conflicted. Throughout the novel, Evie's character interacts in both positive and negative ways with her family, "bad girl" friends, and her "good girls" friend, Diane and Betty. Ms. Mathieu does a great job of bringing these characters together to create a good read.

I feel that this novel would be a great 8th grade to high school level literature assignment by pairing it with S.E. Hinton's "The Outsiders". Students could compare and contrast the two novels, and write and essay on their thoughts and findings.

Would definitely recommend.