Coming of age drama with a thriller twist

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The cover of this book is every bad girl wrapped into one face. The dark yet vibrant colors, the too cool for you expression, and the sunglasses tie together to give a glimpse into what you’ll find as you crack the spine.

The book is told from the POV of Evie the youngest of our bad girls, our outsiders. The one who you think is just young enough to break free from the self deprecating future oath she is set on. The one who is probably smart enough to go further than the rest of them if only she would let herself that is. The Pony Boy we all loved in Outsiders.

A group of girls tight as any can get Connie, Sunny, Juanita, and our narrator Evie. Tough girls who command presence and, who aren’t afraid of anything. The type who with one look can send a “tea sipper” cowering away like a wounded puppy. Evie fits their mold but, not quite. The youngest most innocent of the bunch she feels invisible and forgotten even by her closest friends.

Diane is a tea sipper. Born and bred good girl from an upper class family. She moved into the wrong neighborhood where the girls are proud their trash. We get the impression that she did something that made every girl like her hate her. Evie of course hearing her getting bullied steps in with her badass ways and puts an end to that.

The end of this first look is where we get the thriller feel and I really need to know what happens next. Why is Evie getting the impression something is about to happen? Why is her intuition telling her to just go home? What are we about to see?

I need answers. I need more of this story. I give the first impression 4 stars only due to misspelling some words and the lack of spaces used at points making full sentences one word.