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*Thank you BookishFirst and Celadon Books for this copy of Bad City in exchange for an honest review* Jaw-dropping and at times puzzling Bad City sucked right into the dark underbelly of glitz, glamour and corruption. When I first started reading the sneak peak I thought it was simply another scandal. At the center of one of the most prestigious universities in the country. It turned out to be so much more than a book about one scandal. Times reporter Paul Pringle manages to bring the reader right into story itself.

Right into the center of an overdose that would lead to the downfall of one of USC’s own. Not only that but it would lead to a series of national that would turn into international scandals that reached far beyond USC’s campus. What struck me so much about the story is not the fact that the wealthy, elite will circle around and protect their own. That unfortunately seems to be a given anymore.

What really took me back was their complete disregard and lack of awareness. Especially as the shocking stories compounded one another. The Times themselves were even part of the cover up at certain points! That completely threw me. I never knew before reading this the paper’s deep ties to the university. I devoured this book I couldn’t put it down.