From Page One - I am in Love with this Book!

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I am in love with this book - I guess you could call it book love at first sight! The characters are real and captivating. Auntie Poldi, as described by her nephew, jumps right off the page and becomes someone you want to hang out with. Best descriptive line from the book "She cursed and groaned, the
sweat streamed down her face from under her wig like beer
from a leaky barrel, but she wouldn’t give up." Just in the description of her search for a house you know you are going to love this unconventional, uncouth woman. You get to meet the nephew through the narration and you can't help but love him! And the fast talking, chain smoking, business smart Uncle Martino who has met his match in Aunt Poldi is endearing in some strange way.

I absolutely love that the main character is over 60 because she doesn't have to be sexy or famous or clever. She just is what she is - older, frumpy, irreverent and funny. And the book cover is great!