Such high hopes

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Man I'm kind of disappointed to be honest... I had such high hopes for this book! It sounded so amazing! A town where everyone got a wish granted on their 18th birthday. That's just such a novel concept. The book was kind of hard to get into, but it was informative... seeing how the town had to keep this secret from the outside world or else there would be people swarming there to get wishes; how making wishes didn't necessarily (or likely) mean that people's lives were going to turn out great; seeing that making wishes at such a young age does not work best for lives in the long run. And I liked how the story mixed in every few chapters wish history and a look back at other people's wishes. But the story just moved so slowly and I just had trouble liking the main character. I made it about 1/4 way through the book and had to put it down since I was struggling to get through it. It is such an interesting sounding story, so I do hope to try and pick it back up one day...