Really Enjoyed!

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I know this has gotten some mixed reviews but I really did like it. The main character was a jerk, but his story line and backstory explained why he could have been a little bit of a jerk, plus he’s 17 what high school boy isn’t a little insufferable!? In addition, I feel he redeemed himself.

This story is set in the dusty, nothing happens, town of Madison in the Nevada desert and everyone gets a wish when they turn 18. Our main character Eldon is struggling with his wish so he and a couple friends go and research past resident’s wishes to see what others wished for that worked. The side stories with the townsfolk’s story on their wishes are so heartbreaking and sad.

This book had an amazing message and I really enjoyed it. I will say that they changed the cover of the book and the ARC cover is WAYYYYYY better! And to be honest the new cover (with the candles) would not have caught my eye the way the ARC cover did. Not sure why it was changed.