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As You Wish was a fascinating tale which held my interest until the very end. Its about a small town where everyone gets a wish on their 18th birthday which comes true.
The story centers around Eldon whose Wish Day was slowly approaching and he was totally clueless on what to wish for. This set the scene for him to go around town researching previous wishes.
Eldon was an extremely complex character and while at times I did not like his personality, it play in perfectly with the story.
The secondary characters were all amazing. From Eldon's best friend Merrill to Mr. Fletcher to even the Mayor and Eldon's Parents, everyone in town added their own flair to the story and provided balance to Eldon's character.
This is a story about choice and the consequences of that choices and as Eldon the more Eldon learns, the more it becomes apparent that choices have consequences.
I absolutely loved this fantastic page-turner. It was engrossing, at times emotional, and whimsical. This was an excellent read and I would highly recommend it.