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I just hit dirty thirty and did a review of my life. Thought about everything I wanted for myself, things I wished for myself. I am happy that a lot of those did not come true. So what if you are 18, and able to make a wish and know it could come true. What would you wish for? There are some rules, no wishing for more wishes, cant bring back the dead, cant impact anyone outside of the yourself (i.e. I can wish to be extremely talented actor but I cannot wish to be the most talented actor in the world).

The main character is watching all his friends and school mates hit 18 before he does, he sees the impact of their wishes. He reviews the history of everyone's wishes. Is anyone happy getting what they want instantaneously?

There are things I would still love to wish for and have immediately. Money, money always can help! But the stress of making the right wish, the one that one hold regrets. Especially wishing at such a young and volatile age of 18.

What would you wish for?