Achingly Slow

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Where's the plot? I see none.

This book was achingly, achingly slow. It was also sexist and aphobic (one of the background characters wishes himself no love and he turns really sad and pitiful. PEOPLE CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT LOVE.). The writing was dry and boring, and it was almost painful to read this book.

It takes place in a small town in the desert where teenagers get wishes upon a certain age. However, even though this is supposed to be a "coming-of-age," I still expect a plot instead of pointless meandering around town and selfish musings from our narrator.

This is supposedly a fabulism story-- with magical elements weaved in, but there was no magical atmosphere in the town. In fact, it's painstakingly boring with cliche and characters that were static and only on page.

Our protagonist is icky and horrible, and I hate him.