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I originally got this for my mother to read, and she loved it so I picked it up myself as well. And let me tell you, this was such a beautiful story. Just the writing, oh my, it was so beautiful and touching. This is the type of book you read by a fireplace on a cold day with hot chocolate in your hand. That being said this is not a light book, it has very dark concepts. It is about a plague after all, and it is told from several perspectives and it gives light to many people in many different situations. Death is also like a character in its own way in the story. I never knew much about the Spanish flu, so this book was definitely educational in that regard. The author has written a beautiful work, about hardships, death, the misery. She doesn't just shy away from dark topics she explores it and she tells it beautifully. Highly recommend. Educational, beautiful and hearttouching.