Middle of the Road

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3 stars because it kept me entertained and I read it quickly. Other than that, it was just okay for me. I almost wish I didn’t know anything about this book before I read it because I had such a different idea of what the plot would be.

I think too much was revealed too soon and the characters were SO manipulative and crazy that the shock factor was eliminated early one. Did I guess the ending? No. Was I surprised by the ending? Also no. There was too much psychotic behavior going on so while I didn’t guess everything, I also wasn’t surprised either. If anything, the ending was almost more tame than I expected.

I did like the set-up for the plot. A psychological study involving morality and following instructions was a perfect plot for a thriller. I didn't mind the characters and they were developed well and easy to read about. I just think this delved into crazy, over the top plotting too early on.