Haunting Master Class in Suspense

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Let me just start by saying- I read this book in one sitting! I feel like that is always a good measure of just how engaging a story is. Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen once again prove in this book that, when you put them together, they are an unbeatable team.

This book puts readers in the head of Jessica, a makeup artist that's a bit down on her luck and wants more out of life. When she notices a client on the phone about a psychological study with a cash motivator, she takes a chance and shows up in her client's place. She agrees to be a test subject in Dr Shields' psychological study, revealing her deepest secrets in exchange for cash incentives. What Jessica doesn't realize is just how deep and pervasive this study will be, and how much Dr Shields will shape her life.

Swapping between Jessica and Dr Shields' perspectives, we get a close look into each woman's psyche, their motivations, and their secrets. As the stakes of their cat and mouse game get higher and higher, the reader will wonder who comes out on top? In a book full of ethical "What if..."s, the biggest question in the reader's mind will be "Just what is going on here?" Truly an enjoyable read.