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A powerful, gripping thriller…come meet Kim Loomis!

American Homemaker

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Kim Loomis is a social media star, homemaker and mortician. With her husband Norman, they’ve been bringing in a dark harvest. But death is an infrequent visitor to a small town, and when they struggle to meet demand, Kim decides there is a profitable alternative. Except Norman doesn’t want any part of his wife’s horrific plans. He wants to leave Kim, but no one leaves America’s homemaker.

It was plain sailing for assassin Melody Morgan until she executes a drug cartel’s bagman. Hunted by highly efficient killers, Melody is forced to accept a job from Kim. But not everything is as it seems. Kim is hiding something, a secret so terrifying there may be no way out for anyone.

Estimated Ship Date for Winners: June 18th, 2019


John Kaine

John Kaine is the author of two novels, American Homemaker and The Seven. John is currently working on a new novel, due for release in 2020.

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Publisher Self-Published
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Publication Date Oct 11 2018
ISBN 9781916488403


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