Reminds me of home

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The hospitality in this book reminds me of home here in western North Carolina. The iced tea Dolly would make is something really big in the southern region of US. I know I seldom read historical fiction but I absolutely loved this book, it may get me hooked on this genre if I could find some as good as this. I’ll be checking out the author’s other work now. How I wish I could stay with Dolly. And I got so invested in all the visitors’ lives. The whole time though, I couldn’t help but think about the risk she was taking with opening up her home. Maybe people weren’t as mean back then. I think about the air B and Bs now days and wonder would they know if a serial killer was going to stay with them. I guess my thoughts go all over the place with something like this. Anyway, Dolly was the most wonderful hostess anyone could find.