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*I received this arc from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

I was really looking forward to this story. It is such a profound story especially given the current climate we live in. It centers around the two black men coming of age in two very different periods. Gibran who is outnumbered by a mile his white peers. Then his Uncle Kevin who came of age during the height of the civil rights era. The story of the two men was powerful and it gave me a sense of how they felt as African American men.

Although I did struggle to understand how they felt daily living their lives in the midst of such major cultural struggles. Especially Kevin living through the the civil rights era. Including the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and his protest at the university of Columbia. Gibran of the two was the one I didn’t care for solely because of his attitude towards his mother. He was way too harsh with her without wanting to listen to what her thoughts were.

The fact that he didn’t warn her nor seek her advice with his open letter or “manifesto” to the other students and staff at his prep school. I thought it was very unkind. I also felt like the two didn’t have a resolution. I did enjoy this one for the most part.