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"All You Have to Do" is an excellent book for both young adult and adult audiences. It's a dual-POV book where both main characters have an equally important part in the overall story. They're both young black men coming of age in different time periods, and having these two POVs shows both how society has changed and how it hasn't in regards to racism in America, specifically regarding its educational institutions and the way people are denied education as a means of suppression. The characters are Gibran, whose part takes place in the 90s, and his uncle Kevin, whose part is in the 60s.

I thought this was a successful historical novel that touched on important events that more people should know about and think about, but I also thought it was a good character-driven book as well. Kevin and Gibran are both good characters; flawed but relatable. Allen's writing was excellent as well, and I'd happily read another book by her.