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This is the first Emily griffin novel I have read. She definitely does a wonderful job telling a compelling story that has elements from todays’ news stories.

While the characters are well developed in this book, I felt they definitely fit the stereotypes that many would expect. The ones born wealthy, especially Kirk, lived with a feeling of rich privilege that allowed them to run roughshod over others and take advantage of poorer people acting as if throwing a tiny amount of cash at everything makes it all ok. Nina, who grew up with less and married into this world of wealth was kinder and more empathetic; however, enjoyed being able to spend all that money and live a better life. Even though the characters talk about how all rich people aren’t like Kirk, there are no examples in this book. (I’m not counting Nina.)

Tom, Lyla’s father, had to drop out of college because he couldn’t afford to finish and worked as a carpenter as well as an Uber driver. He comes across as crude when he is introduced in the book, using the f word a lot, and his thoughts of his ex-wife throughout their relationship are vulgar. He often acts without thinking things through first. This seems like more stereotyping to me.

The book also has a sex scene between a sixteen-year-old and another teenager which seems a bit weird in a book that is for grown-ups.

Overall, I did find the book to be well-written.