Delves into serious topics

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I haven't read a book by Emily Giffin but I was intrigued by the premise of All We Ever Wanted. I appreciated the topics that Giffin delves into in this book, including race and class issues, social media, and privilege. All We Ever Wanted alternates between the perspectives of three very different characters - single father Tom and his daughter Lyla, and Nina, a mother of a classmate, whose family is extremely wealthy.

All We Ever Wanted is about finding the strength to accept the truth and stand up for what is right. Nina's perspective was the most interesting to me, as her storyline was about questioning the life she was leading. However, I would have liked to see her relationship with her son more in the book. Similarly, an interesting aspect of Lyla's storyline was her friendship with Grace that I wanted to see delved into a little more. Overall though, these topics are important to think about and Giffin makes a solid effort to explore them.