All that Glitters is Not Necessarily Gold

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The author did an interesting thing in writing this book. She, at least from the preview, writes the book in the first-person narrative for multiple characters. The first chapter is Nina’s story. She lives the life of a wealthy socialite who is married to a business man. She has a son who she loves and is seemingly on the right path to adulthood.

The next chapter comes from the point-of-view of Tom, a single father with a teenage daughter who is doing the standard teenage rebellious stuff, wearing one thing out of the house and wearing something else to a party, drinking too much, going to a party she shouldn’t, etc.

That’s as far as we get to go with the excerpt. My guess is that the two teens lives have intertwined in a way that will end up bad for both and the adults are about to be embroiled in a situation they never wanted their kids to be in. But, that is just conjecture. I do wonder what happens next and I definitely want to find out!

Book Cover
The book cover reminds me of “all that glitters is not gold.” Even though the title and author’s name is catchy, I find the cover a bit boring.