Writing style isn't for me

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I've decided to dnf this one for now, though I may come back to it in the future. I've been pickier about the kinds of books I want to read lately and unfortunately I'm really struggling to get into this one. I love the idea of a dual perspective storyline and I thought I was in the mood for this type of historical fiction, but I was wrong.

My main issue is with the writing style. It is overly descriptive and feels very forced to me. I can see how some people might like it, but it didn't allow me to fully connect with the characters. It feels a bit like the author was trying to satisfy a required word count, so every sentence is phrased in an overly complicated way and it comes off feeling stilted and formal.

I can't speak much to the plot because I didn't get far enough for that, but the storyline does have a lot of potential. Right now I'm just looking for books that are more immediately engaging.