I Loved This Story!

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I enjoyed reading All That Was by Tanya E Williams. When I first started reading the book, I thought it was too much detail for me. However, the story is so well written and so well researched that the details do not make the story drag but rather allows the reader to clearly see and feel what the characters are experiencing.

Although this is a fiction book, it could be very therapeutic for people that have experienced loss and are, or have been stuck. Emily’s inability to move through the grieving process is not an unusual occurrence in real life, and some people may be able to connect to Emily or to Elizabet (the ghost) and gain a new perspective. While reading Elizabet’s diaries and listening to Pastor Michael’s insight, Emily is able to connect to her own inner feelings and begin to heal. In turn, by watching Emily, Elizabet is able to also take a look at her own choices and her own situation.

The supernatural aspect of the story is also well researched, and would appeal to those who believe in the existence of ghosts and their ties to the physical world.