I loved this book!

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I was able to read "All That Was" by Tanya E. Williams as a free preview by BookishFirst after reading the FirstImpression. Right from the start the main character, Emily, drew me in and I wanted to know more about her story. I was engaged right from the start. I thought the characters were well developed and touching. Emily's parents were killed when she was 16 and though that was years ago she has never really dealt with their deaths. She is very closed off about it and pretty much in denial that she needs to mourn. She is alienating those close to her. She learns to deal with it when she gets a new job archiving at a church. The church ends up being the church her parents were married in. She receives unexpected help by some occupants of the church. I loved the story and felt like it was very well written. I would recommend this book and look forwarded to ready more by Williams.