History as a way to live the present

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This is an interesting story about letting the past go in order to live the present - or, in a way, preserving the past / our history so we can move on. Emily lost her parents, and never really started enjoying her life. She received a new task at job of helping archiving the documents at a church that is about to lose its sanctuary. And as she relives the past she starts to understand better her situation and think about the future - of herself and the church. Her life gets tangled with those of the women that frequented the church in the early days. It's not a bad book, I just thought it was weird that it had a bit of religion, but also mixed with spirits and ghosts - like a little bit of fantasy mixed up with some dosis of reality. I also felt that Seattle could appear more on the story, since the city is part of the narrative. Overall, it is a nice book.