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Emily lives in modern day Seattle, but her mind is stuck on the day her parents tragically died in a car accident. She goes from day-to-day avoiding her pain and reminders of what she has lost. Then there is Elizabet who died decades ago, but is stuck in the world in-between searching for the love she lost. Both of these women have suffered great losses in their lives, but they chose to deal with them in drastically different ways. Emily by burying her pain; Elizabet by wallowing in it. When Emily's job puts these two women in the same place, they come together in the most unsuspecting of ways to help each other find healing.

This story was beautifully written about two women struggling with tremendous loss in their lives. This book showed how loss can effect each and every one of us differently and deeply. The book is presented from both Elizabet and Emily's perspective which shows so much depth of difference in how people handle loss. These women help heal each other and help each other move to a place of healing and happiness even though the two never utter a word to each other.